Mar 03
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Sandeep Marwah declared international spiritual leader at Global Yog Week

New Delhi: “Karma is Yog, and somebody who is profoundly enamoured with his business or profession and can achieve such huge statures must be a spiritual pioneer. We all declare Sandeep Marwah, an international spiritual leader”, said Gopal Ji of Global Yog Alliance at Global Yog Week at NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah has been in spiritual education for last 26 years, he is multiple World Record Holder, he is likewise the beneficiary of in excess of 700 honours and awards from everywhere throughout the World including four doctorates. He has been in connection with citizens of over 145 nations of the world. Dr. Marwah is associated with just about 5500 events of various nature and genre prompting love, harmony and solidarity through art and culture. His capabilities and accomplishments are second to none.

President of World Peace Development and Research Foundation, Associate of United Nations through UNIC-United Nations Information Centre, IFUNA – Patron to Indian Federation of United Nations Association, IHRO – Global Ambassador of International Human Rights Organization, AIHRA – International Patron to All India Human Rights Association, AICHRLSJ – Patron to All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice are a few of the associations he is working with.

Dr. B. Gopalananda, Yog Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shivananda Saraswati, Ramesh Lohan, Dr. Harshadbhai Solanki, Yogacharya Hukum Chand Shankushal, H.H. Acharaya Satyendra Narayn and numerous other were present there.

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