Jun 26
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NOIDA City Magistrate honoured on his visit to AAFT

Noida: The city magistrate of NOIDA city, Shailendra Kumar Mishra appreciated the working style of the most prevalent film school of the nation, AAFT – Asian Academy of Film and Television situated in Marwah Studios, Film city Noida.

“This is my first visit to Asian Academy of Film and Television. I am awed by the facilities being given to the students who come here to learn film and television trade. This is one of the most seasoned skill development centre in Noida”, said S.K.Mishra.

“We have trained 17000 students from 120 nations of the world and pulled in 1.4 million people from 145 nations of the world. AAFT is the first film university of the nation”, informed Dr. Sandeep Marwah (President of Marwah Studios).

Later Sandeep Marwah honoured S.K.Mishra with a Life Membership of World Peace Development and Research Foundation of Marwah Studios. Jameel Ahmed (former Secretary Noida Authority) was likewise present at the event.

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