Mar 18
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National Day of Estonia celebrated at AAFT

Noida: International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry extends congratulations to the people of Estonia on the National day of Estonia, which falls on 24th February.

“We all extend our best wishes to the people of Estonia on their national day. We wish India and Estonia ought to do incredible business in the coming years,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah while releasing a poster on national day to mark respect to the auspicious day.

The first person from Estonia to visit India toward the end of the 17th century was the minister Eberhard Eckhold (Eckholz) who was conceived in Tallinn and had studied in the Academia Gustaviana of Tartu.

The first Estonian textbooks with a reference to India were composed by Georg Gottfried Marpurg (1805) and Karl Ernst Berg (1811). The main Estonian publication to touch base in India was Pühhapäiwa Wahhe-luggemissed of Otto Wilhelm Masing (1818). The book contained a hundred-page depiction of the nature and society of India. Sanskrit language publications were printed at the University of Tartu.

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