May 19
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Marwah Studios celebrate International Day of Families

Noida: Although families everywhere around the world have changed significantly over the previous decades regarding their structure and because of worldwide patterns and demographic changes, the United Nations still perceives the family as the essential unit of society. It is celebrated on 15th May all over the world.

“The International Day of Families gives a chance to advance awareness of issues identifying with families and to expand information of the social, economic and demographic processes influencing them”, said Dr. Sandeep Marwah (President of Marwah Studios). He is additionally Patron to IFUNA – Indian Federation of United Nations Association and Associated with UNIC-United Nations Information Centre.

It has motivated a series of awareness-raising events, including national family days. In numerous nations, this day is an opportunity to feature various areas of intrigue and significance to families. WPDRF – World Peace Development and Research Foundation supported the event at Marwah Studios.

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