Aug 04
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Literary Carnival at India International Centre inaugurated by Dr. Sandeep Marwah

Noida: “A great book resembles an occasion in my life. You can only raise the degree of your intuition by reading books. Success originates from confidence. Confidence originates from knowledge and knowledge comes from reading”, said Dr. Sandeep Marwah inaugurating the literary carnival at India International Centre.

“Releasing books means bringing to life, a child. These books must cover enormous group of readers for the fulfilment of the writer”, communicated Dr. Marwah while also releasing three unique books of three distinct writers on the inauguration.

“I stretch out my heartiest congratulations to the writers of these three books and welcome them to Global Literary Festival. Books titles ‘I adore Myself’ by Vandana Sehgal, ‘Chand Gira Hai’ by Jyoti Arya, ‘Mortal Vishnu’ by Antar Artiya were presented to Dr. Marwah by the writers.

Young writers like Kapil Raj, Shilpi Moda, Nupur Sandu, Kevin Missal, Himanshu Rai, D.N. Upadhyaya, Kamini Kusum, Vineet Bajpai, and Lahar are likewise taking part in festival.

The occasion was organised by Seema Saxena of Jashn Event Management and Promoters. Later Dr. Marwah was honoured with memento for his profound enthusiasm for Literature and advancing literature throughout the world through the greatest literature festival Global Literary Festival Noida 2019 scheduled for 11th to 13th September.

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