Jul 20
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Italian designer Angelo Garini hosted workshop at AAFT

Noida: “Envoy of Italian excellence on the planet, he collaborates at events and summits in which he advances the artistic, cultural and natural wealth of Italy. Angelo manages occasions with a mindful eye to the historical backdrop of art and Italian style, with a design type approach, where flowers, fabrics and lights are important components of a show that stages marriage as an incredible representation”, said Dr. Sandeep Marwah (President of Marwah Studios) introducing Angelo Garini.

“For over two years he began with building relationships with India with the principle objective-to propose to the Indians, who are finding Italy as a top wedding destination”, included Madhavi Advani, the India representative of Angelo Garini.

Angelo is the writer of two books, publisher of a specialized magazine, TV moderator, TV writer, journalist and collaborator with newspapers. He is a teacher at colleges and foundations in different parts of Italy, Europe and in India.

“My job is none other than the solid expression of what I have constantly inhaled and cherished: An enthusiasm for design, art, collecting and antiques”, says the Italian-born and bred Garini, who hosts planned parties and weddings around the globe for public figures, for example, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York; Naomi Campbell, and David Guetta. “My granddad was an incredible architect in the 1900’s, so I acquired his passion for passion”.

Later Dr. Marwah honoured Angelo with the life membership of World Peace Development and Research Foundation of AAFT University.

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