Mar 06
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ICMEI joins hands with Embassy of Kuwait

Sandeep Marwah (right) with H.E. Mr. Sami Mohammad Al-Sulaiman

New Delhi: The President of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, Dr. Sandeep Marwah visited the Embassy of Kuwait on the invitation of H.E. Mr. Sami Mohammad Al-Sulaiman (Ambassador of Kuwait to India).

“We stretch out our association to the nation of Kuwait and would love to enhance our relationship through cultural diplomacy. We have dependably trusted that art and culture can play better and bigger role in bringing people of two nations together”, said Dr. Sandeep Marwah while offering permanent membership of the Chamber to the Ambassador.

“We will soon be launching Indo Kuwait Film and Cultural Forum that will take our relationship to new dimension. It is essential for people of both the nations to know each other better”, said H.E. Mr Sami Mohammad Al-Sulaiman (Ambassador of Kuwait to India).

Kuwait is a constitutional sovereign state with a semi-democratic political framework. Kuwait has a high-income economy upheld by the world’s 6th biggest oil reserves. The Kuwaiti Dinar is the most valued currency on the planet explained Mr. Ashok Tyagi (Secretary General of ICMEI).

As per the World Bank, Kuwait has the fourth highest per-capita salary. The Constitution was promulgated in 1962. Kuwait is home to the biggest opera house in the middle east. The Kuwait National Cultural District is a member of the Global Cultural Districts Network.

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