Oct 10
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Expectations. This word tells you to have expectations with your friends. Best friends or parents. HUH! People grow up!

Expectation leads to disappointment because expectations are just things we want to happen just to make us happy. But most of the time it is broken, and then we feel like no one cares; no one gives a damn about us and so on!

But the actual thing is that it is our mistake, why we expect things. Expectation forces us to have hopes from people and those hopes make us extremely happy but the fact is when they break it is as similar to the breaking of a glass into pieces. And when that happens then we are left with nothing but just our sad faces and broken hearts and at that time we say: “ IT WASN’T EXPECTED FROM YOU”.

But the fact is that in this situation, there is no fault of that guy. Why are you trying to blame him/her for what you expected, why do you want him/her to fulfil your demands, why you expect things, they never told you to have expectations from them.

Everyone changes. It is normal. This change is good for the circle of life. If everyone will be constant, no one will get new experiences and no one will understand what to do, what not to do. So some things which even hurt you are important for you so just learn from them, stand up and move on! No one has any right to stop, no one will. Even at stages of life people will say that you have changed. Just reply with a smile and say that if they think that you have changed, maybe that is the truth. But that you are happy with the new you! Do whatever makes you happy, not the other person. YOU WERE BORN ALONE AND WILL DIE ALONE! So chillax and listen to what life says to us 😀


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