Jan 25
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Exhibition of paintings by Parul Mehra at 12th IFCPC

Noida: Parul Mehra’s painting exhibition was inaugurated at 12th International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema 2019 at Marwah Studios.

“Parul Mehra is an architect by profession & an artist by expression. Her imaginative learning began in college, where she practiced portraying and building 3D models, improving her understanding of hues, materials and dimensions. In the wake of working in the construction and interiors business after some time, she understood her actual calling is art” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah (President of IFCPC) introducing the artist.

“My craft is an outflow I had always wanted, my world in splendid shades. This is an inward voyage, an index of my subliminal being and what it derives on the profound plane of my day to day life. Now and again, these aesthetic articulations are decoded a long time after the paintings have been made. When I paint, it’s in a reflective perspective as though in a stupor,” said Parul Mehra while demonstrating her show-stoppers.

The exhibition was inaugurated by H.E. K.L. Ganju (Consul General of Comoros in India), Devendra Pathak (Vice Chancellor Oriental University) and Prof. N.K. Sinha (Vice Chancellor of Himalayan Garwal University).

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