May 23
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Dr. Sandeep Marwah arranges collaboration with foreign artists at Cannes

Cannes: “Cannes International Film Festival has proven to be exceptionally lucky, numerous international artists have shown their interest in working with Marwah Studios, be it a creation of short film, an exhibition of paintings and different arts, a show of talent by performing artists or film screening and workshops at AAFT”, informed Sandeep Marwah (President of Marwah Studios) to the press at Hotel International Carlton Cannes at La Boulevard de la Croisette.

AAFT is going to join hands with film maker from Korea Eun Oh of ARK Cinema and film maker from Hungary Zoi Florosz of Kyrke Productions very soon. The interaction at Cannes will be taken to the second round of meetings very soon.

“I am making a film which will be the tribute to my parents who were incredible artists, most likely I may go to India to add hues to the film”, said Zoi Florosz of Kyrke Production in Hungary. Indo Hungarian Film and Cultural Forum will support the film.

“My project is practically ready to launch and we will welcome support from Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum”, included Eun Oh of ARK Cinema from Korea.

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