Oct 10
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Dorris Francis – Citizen Journalist

Dorris Francis, a 58 year old started manning traffic at Khoda colony, Ghaziabad in 2003, after witnessing an accident which involved young girls. Little did she know that would one day loose her daughter after a similar tragedy in 2009.
With a stick in her hand and a whistle in her mouth this feisty lady tries to dissect the pedestrians and vehicles converging at the Som bazar intersection. “Hamne socha ki hamari beti, lekin aisa kisi ke sath nahi hona chahiye(what happened with out daughter should not happen with anyone else). Since then my husband and I started volunteering at Khoda chowk”says Francis.
She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, but still volunteers to manage traffic everyday from 7 am on wards. I focus on the pedestrians as they are vulnerable. I go home when i feel unwell. I’ll continue to manage traffic till my last breath,” she says.

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