Oct 10

Block chain for kids. A general introduction

Everyone knows what BlockChain is these days. I might not know about what’s happening in my neighbourhood, but I could tell you a thing or two about this technology called BlockChain that has become really popular, with cryptocurrencies tingling everyones curiosity. Now I believe that if you’re an adult you already know all about BlockChain, so this article is for the 5 year old kid browsing medium on their parents’ phone, the kid who will become the next youngest entrepreneur this year, and for adults wanting to understand BlockChain in very simple terms.  BlockChain can be literally thought of as a chain of blocks, much like the ones kids play with at kindergartens. But this simple chain has some properties that makes it so important that I want to tell kids about it. All you short attention span kids, look at the next colorful picture of blocks for a while before we start the real talking.

About the Author: Priyanshi Trivedi

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