Apr 22
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3rd Global Fashion and Design Week Noida showcases more nations in the 2nd session

Noida: The second session on the first day of 3rd Global Fashion and Design Week Noida 2019 saw new range of garments influenced by some more nations of the world.

“AAFT School of Fashion and Design in association with ICMEI-International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry want to reach biggest number of exporters and garment dealers in various nations so they can appreciate the diligent work of young and new designers. I am grateful to embassies and diplomats to add on a ton to the show”, said Dr. Sandeep Marwah (President of ICMEI and Asian Education Group).

“AAFT and ICMEI together again made a great record by bringing 200 designers under one rooftop including 750 garments, 57 furniture, jewellery and textile as well”, said famous producer from Hollywood Mike Berry inaugurating the session.

“Every time I am attending Global and Fashion Week, I discover it has developed a lot bigger in its strength and quality”, said Prasoon Dewan (Jewellery Designer) appreciating the glory of the show. Ishan Kailani (CEO Digital Marketing), planner Rashmi Chabra and Entrepreneur Garvita were likewise part of the session.

Shalini Kirti explored and worked to prepare range of garments from Slovenia, Lokendra Kumar Maurya from Maldives, Shivani Solanki from Wales, Anushka Upadhyay and Nishi Pal from Vietnam, Itika Jain from Egypt, Nishant Sharma and Trisha Singh from Hungary, Riya Jhinkwan from Iran, Vidit Jain from Fiji, Manisha Rawat for Malaysia and Pragya Prajapati and Subhashree Debata pursued the trends from Bahamas.

In the wake of releasing newsletter of the day, a coffee table book ‘Bazars of India’, prepared by Aastha Mittal was released by the dignitaries. Prof. Ritulal proposed vote of thanks and Albeena Abbas led the program.

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