Jan 11
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12th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema is back. Hurry up with your entries!!!!!

London: The International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema is reaching new heights every day; a lot of international bodies are seen joining hands with this festival.

IFCPC is an initiative of International Film and Television club and has IFTRC (International Film and Television Research Centre), IPBF (International Public Broadcasting Forum), ICFF (International Children’s Film Forum), IEFF (International Women’s Film Forum) and IJC (International Journalism Centre) on its board.

Other interested organizations like IWCF (Indo Wales Creative Forum), INFA (Indo Nigerian Film Association), IECF (Indo Egypt Cultural Forum), IHFA (Indo Hungarian Film Association), INFCF (Indo Nepal Cultural Forum), ICCF (Indo China Cultural Forum), ISKFCF (Indo South Korea Film And Cultural Forum), IGFCF (Indo Ghana Film And Cultural Forum), ISFCF (Indo Slovenia Cultural Forum), ISFCF (Indo Slovak Cultural Forum), ISFCF (Indo Serbia Film And Cultural Association) have agreed to be a part of the festival this year.

“Different associations from Cyprus, ICMEI office of United Kingdom, New York University from United States of America, organisations from Venezuela and Peru also confirmed their participation for this year festival.” confirmed Dr. Sandeep Marwah (Father of Cell Phone Cinema) President of the 12th IFCPC.

The International Festival of Cell phone cinema will be held in Noida for the 12th time, and showcase beautiful short films, still images and music videos. When asked as to what made the Marwah Studios go into such an untested and unexplored front, the President of Marwah Studios, Sandeep Marwah feels the purpose of this festival is “to promote film and television in a very extraordinary way.” He added “film made from the mind help in the development of senses and also encourages the development of the young minds.”

All the entries will be uploaded and updated at site http://www.ifcpc.com.

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