Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, 23, founded Facebook while he was studying psychology at Harvard University . Majoring in computer programming, Mr Zuckerberg developed a number of social-networking websites for fellow students, including Coursematch, which allowed the users to view people taking their degree, and Facemash,where you could rate people’s attractiveness. In February 2004 Mr Zuckerberg launched “The Facebook”, as it was the original name taken from the sheets of paper distributed to freshmen, profiling students and staff. Within 24 hours, 1,200 Harvard students had signed up, and after one month, over half of the undergraduate population had a profile. As of September 2006, the network was extended beyond educational institutions to anyone with a registered email address and over the age of 13. According to Facebook’s Press Room, the social networking site currently has over 400 million active users The site remains free to join, and makes a profit through advertising revenue. Yahoo and Google are among companies which have expressed interest in a buy-out, with huge figures of around $2bn (£975m) being discussed. However, Mr Zuckerberg has so far refused to sell Facebook.

What India needs to know about Section 377.

There has been huge uproar throughout the country with people supporting the striking down of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC). The people who have successfully been able to adapt to the circumstances with time and the people who have a broader mindset wish to strike the section down. When people talk about section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, people generally think it just criminalises homosexuality (sexual attraction to the people belonging to the same sex) and violates the rights of gay people. However, there are more aspects of this section than what most people are aware of. It can be divided into the following three parts for easier understanding- Criminalises homosexuality. Criminalises certain acts between heterosexuals. Criminalises sexual activities between humans and animals

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. Much of Jeff’s inclination towards science came from Mike Bezos, his stepfather, who moved the family to Houston, Texas. Mike was pursuing a career as an engineer at Exxon. As Jeff developed mentally it was strikingly apparent how much science and mechanics interested him. After graduating from Miami Palmetto Senior High School, Jeff was accepted to Princeton University. At Princeton he graduated summa cum laude, with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His business career started on Wall Street, where he used his knowledge of computer science to study market trends. He gained useful start-up knowledge at Fitel, worked his way to a leadership position at Bankers Trust and ended as Senior Vice President at D.E. Shaw where he met his wife, Mackenzie. He moved from New York to Seattle in 1994 to start, originally just an internet book store. After massive growth and lots of work, Amazon took off. In 2011, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire, went from a book business to the one stop shop to buy anything and recorded revenues of $48.08B. Jeff Bezos is […]

Anchors from Indian news channels

SHWETA SINGH: Shweta started her career while still in first year graduation in Patna University. She has several bylines to her name in Times of India, Patna and Hindustan Times, Patna before she switched to electronic media in 1998. She worked for Zee News and Sahara, before joining Aaj Tak in 2002. She is known for her expertise in covering sports related news. Her show Sourav ka Sixer won the award for best sports programme by Sports Journalism Federation of India (SJFI) in 2005.She has also made appearances in some movies(e.g. Chakravyuh, etc.) as an Aaj Tak news presenter. Sweta also did the show History of Patliputra during Bihar Legislative Assembly election, 2015. ARNAB GOSWAMI: Arnab Ranjan Goswami (born 9 October 1973) is an Indian journalist and television news anchor. He is the managing director of the news channel Republic TV which he cofounded along with Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Goswami was the editor-in-chief and a news anchor of the Indian news channel Times Now and ET Now, from 2006 to 2016. On Times Now, he anchored The Newshour, a live debate, that aired at 9 pm (IST) weekdays on the channel. He also hosted a special television programme Frankly Speaking with […]

Block chain for kids. A general introduction

Everyone knows what BlockChain is these days. I might not know about what’s happening in my neighbourhood, but I could tell you a thing or two about this technology called BlockChain that has become really popular, with cryptocurrencies tingling everyones curiosity. Now I believe that if you’re an adult you already know all about BlockChain, so this article is for the 5 year old kid browsing medium on their parents’ phone, the kid who will become the next youngest entrepreneur this year, and for adults wanting to understand BlockChain in very simple terms.  BlockChain can be literally thought of as a chain of blocks, much like the ones kids play with at kindergartens. But this simple chain has some properties that makes it so important that I want to tell kids about it. All you short attention span kids, look at the next colorful picture of blocks for a while before we start the real talking.


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